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In line with our vision of being a Respected Corporate Citizen, we want to give back to the communities we work in.

Our Power of Giving Fund launched in June 2013. It awards grants to the total annual value of £300,000. We look for innovative projects designed to help local communities in a number of areas such as reducing fuel poverty, enhancing energy efficiency and promoting low carbon economy.

Charities, not-for-profit community organisations, educational establishments and social enterprises across our regions can apply for between £1,000 and £10,000 for projects that will address climate and/or social concerns in their local area in a recognisably sustainable and cost efficient way.

In addition to funding, successful applicants will have access to our workforce via our volunteering scheme.

For more information, please see our Power of Giving brochure.

Application deadline
Applications are accepted throughout the year but the closing date to be considered at the next panel is 30 April 2015.


Successful projects must show a clear link to at least one of the five Eligibility Themes. Projects must all fall within our geographical footprint in London, the South East and the East of England.

Check if your project is in our area of operations by typing in the postcode here.

Organisations must also be either:

  • A registered charity or recognised as a charity by the Inland Revenue
  • A not for profit community organisation;
  • A Parish or Town Council
  • A social enterprise
  • A not-for-profit educational establishment.

And must:

  • Have a UK bank account in the name of the organisation (if successful you will be asked to provide a copy of the latest abbreviated accounts)
  • Complete an application form
  • Agree to publicity about the grant
  • Provide regular updates on the winning project.

The person submitting the application on behalf of the applicant must be over 18 and have the authority of the organisation to apply for the Power of Giving Fund.

The Fund will not provide grants to individuals or fund day-to-day running costs of an organisation.

Organisations that are seen as activist groups or those that discriminate on grounds of race, politics, gender, disability, religion, belief or sexual orientation will not be eligible to apply for our Power of Giving Fund.

The panel meets twice a year to decide to which applications to award grants. It consists of three external judges and two judges from UK Power Networks.

The external panel judges represent highly reputable organisations of national standing that work across the UK, including in UK Power Networks’ geographical footprint. All judges have been selected on the basis of their knowledge of one or more of the five Eligibility Themes and the valuable, widely recognised work that their organisations undertake in local communities.

The internal panel judges are UK Power Networks’ directors with years of experience in the electricity sector.

Find out more about the judges that allocated grants on 26 November 2013

To apply, please complete the application form and return by email to or by post to:

Stakeholder Engagement Team
UK Power Networks, Newington House
237 Southwark Bridge Road
London SE1 6NP

Here are some tips on what makes a successful application:
1. Ensure your application has a good, clear structure with an explicit breakdown of costs and information/evidence on additional funding secured from other sources.
2. Clearly outline the beneficiaries of the project.
3. Explain in detail how target audiences are expected to be reached. Applicants should make this 'tangible' by introducing metrics for measuring success.
4. Be clear as to what qualitative assessment will be undertaken to measure impact on the community.
5. Demonstrate the link to one of the five themes of the Fund.
6. Explain what linkages there are between the project for which a grant is being sought and UK Power Networks’ business.

Download the scoring guide

Download the application process

The panel sitting in November 2013 resulted in the allocation of grants to the total value of £90,610.45.

Bexhill Community Energy project - Energise Sussex Coast Ltd - South East
This application was awarded £10,000 to upgrade a school and youth centre in to energy hubs in Bexhill.

Warming up Winter - Energy Solutions (North West London) - London
This application was awarded £10,000 for a project offering an energy support service for our vulnerable customers.

Ingrebourne Valley Heritage Visitor Centre - Essex Wildlife Trust – East of England
This application was awarded £10,000 to support the building of a new visitors centre at Ingrebourne Valley Nature Reserve. This will include energy efficient systems, and the use renewable energy.

Foundry Extension - Training Room - Green Light Trust – East of England
This application was awarded £5,000 to extend a building for educational purposes. This will be built using local wood.

Switching on to Turning Off - Groundwork Suffolk – East of England
This application was £6,950.45 to run a project on energy management in Suffolk schools.

Community Energy Kickstart - Hove Station Neighbourhoods Forum – South East
This application was awarded £9,000.00 to run a 12 week energy efficiency program in Hove.

Resilience to outages in Manor House - London Sustainability Exchange (LSx) - London
This application was awarded £10,000 for a project that will recruit 'Resilience Champions' in the Manor House area of London. The 'Resilience Champions' will help in times of power outages.

Bewise on energy - Silver Streak Recruitment and Learning Agency – East of England
This application was awarded £9,660.00 for a project that will educate low income families on energy efficiency.

Community Based Energy Saving - South West London Environment Network – South East
This application was awarded £10,000.00 for a project that will offer energy saving support and advice in South West London.

Warm Homes Healthy People – Suffolk Community Foundation – East of England
This application was awarded £10,000 to offer practical and financial assistance to the fuel poor and our vulnerable customers.

Judges' Discretionary Award
Following severe floods in the East of England on 5 December 2013 and the resultant extensive damage to the communities in North Norfolk, the Panel decided to donate £10,000 to the EDP Norfolk and Lowestoft Flood Appeal U K to provide emergency relief to the village of Walcott, North Norfolk, and the surrounding areas that have been most severely affected.