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We offer a wide range of services to our eight million customers. Read more below.  

If you are thinking of working near or around our electricity equipment, we offer a free-of-charge site visit where our engineer can offer you safety advice.

Once we receive your request for this service we will normally visit you within 8 to 12 weeks of receiving your request. During the site visit we may recommend that we carry out some work on site to make it safe. For example, putting a protective cover around overhead power lines may be needed. If this is the case then we will normally complete this within four weeks.

For more information please go to:

  • Please send an enquiry using our online form
  • 0845 601 4516

Download the working near overhead power lines leaflet.

To report a power cut, dangerous power problem, another power issue or roadwork problem please complete our online form.

We can send you information about cable locations to keep you safe whilst digging. To ask us for a map of your area please email: or call us on 0800 056 5866 (08.30-12.30 and 13.30-16.30 Monday to Friday). 

You can also write to us at Plan Provision team, UK Power Networks, Fore Hamlet, Ipswich IP3 8AA.

For advice about working safely near cables download our leaflet.


Has your electricity supplier (the company you pay your electricity bills to) told you that there is an issue with your electrical equipment? Or do you think it is old or worn?

If so, we will visit the site to inspect the equipment (usually within two weeks of your request).

Then our engineers will come out to site to fix the problem (usually within four weeks of receiving your request). Please note that to carry out this work we may need to turn off the power for safety reasons. But don't worry - we will talk to you about this beforehand.

Is the situation dangerous or unsafe?
You can contact us around the clock on the numbers to the left of the screen.

For more information please go to

  • Please send an enquiry using our online form
  • 0845 601 4516

We conduct an extensive tree management programme, which aims to check most of the trees that could interfere with our overhead lines on a four-year checking cycle. However, trees can sometimes grow into our overhead lines, causing problems with the electricity supply. 

If you think this is happening, please contact us on 0845 601 4516 or email our fast-track enquiry form. We’ll arrange a site visit to check the status of the cables and, if necessary, despatch a team of specialised tree surgeons. 

We can only cut trees back enough to ensure they no longer come into contact with the lines (usually 1.5m away) – unless our team considers public safety to be an issue. We will also need to speak to the landowner who owns the trees, as they will be responsible for removing the cut branches after our work has been completed.

We have a regular programme to inspect and maintain our electricity poles and ensure that they are safe, not rotting or leaning. However, if you want to report a problem with a pole, please contact us so we can fix it free of charge.

We will visit the site to inspect the pole (usually within two weeks of your request). Then our engineers will go to site to fix the problem (usually within four weeks of receiving your request). However, sometimes this can take longer, especially if we need consent from a landowner or if we realise additional work is required.

Is the situation dangerous or unsafe?
You can contact us around the clock on the numbers to the left of the screen.

For more information please go to

  • Please send an enquiry using our online form
  • 0845 601 4516

No-one likes the inconvenience of road works, however they are often necessary for essential work, such as installing new electricity supplies for customers, replacing old electricity cables or repairing faults. 

We will always do our best to complete the work as soon as possible and to cause minimum inconvenience. Even if it looks like we have abandoned the hole and left it, we may be waiting on other utilities to come to site, or we could be waiting to see if the fault reoccurs. Once all work is complete we will, of course, fill the hole and put the road, path or pavement back as it should be.

If you believe the situation is unsafe
Please call us immediately. (You can find your local emergency number on the left of this page.)

To find out when the works will be removed
Please contact us on 0845 601 4516 or email our on line enquiry form


Do you need to remove an electricity meter or cable from a property? Or are you a builder or developer who needs to remove multiple power supplies? If so click here

To enable us to supply electricity to all homes and businesses within our area, it is sometimes necessary to place our equipment (both overhead and underground) on private land.

Rights for this equipment is often granted through either a:
• Wayleave Agreement, which is a personal agreement between us and the landowner.
• Deed of Easement, which is a permanent right registered against the title deeds of your property.

These agreements set out the various rights and obligations between us and the landowner (Grantor). It also sets out our commitments to maintain and operate our equipment on your property in a reliable and safe way.

Where a substation is located on your property or within your building, we will generally hold a Lease or Freehold interest in the land with associated access and cable rights. To ensure power supplies are restored quickly if a fault occurs, access to a substation must be maintained and kept unrestricted at all times.

Got a question?
We understand the importance of establishing and maintaining a good working relationship with all our landowners (Grantors) and are committed to dealing promptly with any queries you have about current agreements or works being undertaken on your property. 

For all enquiries about electricity equipment on your land, wayleave or lease payments or questions about consent for us to keep our equipment on your property please contact us:

East of England
08701 963 777

01293 577 260

South East
01293 577 310

(Monday-Friday 8:30am – 5:00pm)

Power lines claim companies
We’re aware of a number of ‘Power Lines Claim Companies’ who offer to act on your behalf, in exchange for a one-off fee or percentage of any settlement figure. If you have been approached by one of these companies, please get in touch.

The question of whether living close to electricity equipment and magnetic fields is linked in any way to ill health is a long standing one. We take any suggestion of a risk to health extremely seriously so please get in touch if this is worrying you.

If you are concerned, we can visit you free of charge to test our electricity equipment (usually within two weeks of your request). While with you we can test to measure the fields from our equipment and show you how this compares to your household appliances. This visit usually takes about 30 minutes and we can give you a copy of the findings for you to keep.

For more information please go to

Electric and magnetic fields the facts [PDF]
  • Please send an enquiry using our online form
  • 0845 601 4516

If you want to make a complaint, please contact us on the details below:

  • Complete our online form
  • 0800 028 4587  (Monday to Friday 8:30-5pm) 
  • Or write to us at Customer Relations Team, UK Power Networks, Fore Hamlet, Ipswich IP3 8AA. 

Read more about our complaint procedures

Domestic, faults and small business complaints procedure [pdf]
Connections commercial and industrial complaints procedure [pdf]
UK Power Networks Quotation Accuracy Scheme [pdf]
UK Power Networks IDNO Quotation Accuracy Scheme [pdf]

As well as being produced in power stations, electricity can be made by solar panels or by a wind turbine. 
Please download some information here. Alternatively click here

UK Power Networks is not an electricity supplier. That means we cannot deal with any issues concerning your bills, meter readings or lost meter keys. For this, you need to contact your electricity supplier. Their name will be on your bill. If you can't find it we may be able to help.

We can tell you, just type in your address here. Or email us at or call us on 0845 601 5467.

What is my MPAN number?
An MPAN is a Meter Point Administration Number and is a unique 13-digit reference number that identifies your electricity supply point. You can find it on the top of your electricity bill. If you don't have one, just email us at or call us on 0845 601 5467. As long as you are the bill payer and the service is being billed we should be able to help.

Substation Watch
If you are concerned about substation vandalism, fly tipping at our sites, or you suspect unauthorised access to any of our substations, please contact:
0800 587 3243 Or call our 24 hours emergencies number (found at the left of the screen)

Illegal connections and electricity theft
Electricity theft and illegal connections can be extremely dangerous. If you suspect a connection to our network is illegal, or that electricity is being stolen, please contact:
0800 587 2262 (your call will be treated in complete confidence)

Balls or toys in a substation or other site
Substation sites are dangerous and should only ever be entered by trained staff. If a ball or toy goes into one of our sites, please contact us and we'll retrieve it for you. (Found at the left of the screen)
Please send an enquiry using our online form

We can tell you who your electricity supplier is, just type in your address here. Or email us at or call us on 0845 601 5467. Lines open Monday to Saturday 8.00am to 8.00pm.

We can also tell you what the MPAN (Meter Point Administration Number) is for a property (as long as the service is being billed and you are the bill payer) – call 0845 601 5467 or email

To check your service capacity and request capacity reductions please email: