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Distributed Generation

Distributed Generation

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Distributed Generation (DG) refers to a productive generator connection to an electricity distribution network. The most common generation sources are wind turbines, solar panels (also known as Photovoltaic or PV) and combined heat and power (CHP). 

Which Distributed Generation Connection is right for your project?

Find out which Distributed Generation Connection is right for your project and download the relevant guides.

DG events

Find out about our DG customer forums and surgeries.

DG mapping tool

Find out where our overhead network is in the East and South East of England and view our heat map.

Useful links

Access useful resources and visit our design specification library for technical information.

Storage Connections

Find out more about Storage Connections

Contracted Connections Register (CCR)

Find out what connections we have already made and have committed to make.

Flexible Distributed Generation (FDG) connections

Find out more and download the application form.

Community Energy

Find out more about what we are doing to support Community Energy.

Timed/Profiled connections

A trial for generation >1MW

The consortium approach

Find out how you can share your contact information with others who wish to form a consortium

Generator Owner and Operator (≥1MW)

Find out more about our workshops and plans.

SE Coast Connections Fact sheet

Find out more about SE Coast Connections.