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Distributed Generation

Distributed Generation

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Flexible Distributed Generation (FDG) connections

What is a Flexible Distributed Generation (FDG) connection?

There are parts of the UK Power Networks distribution network where due to constraints such as capacity, voltage or reverse power flow issues the cost of connection is very likely to be higher than expected. This is because it will include a significant element of reinforcement work in order to overcome these technical challenges.

The FDG connection offering aims to provide a point of connection within the existing network without the need for/or ahead of reinforcement. The customer must be willing to accept temporary reduction to their export to ensure the network is kept within operational limits and the constraint is not breached.



Zone maps



Peterborough - March (original FPP zone)

Open from 31st January 2017 9am




Walpole East (extension of original FPP zone)


Maldon - Fleethall


Great Yarmouth



Open from 22nd June 2017 9am


South East

Open from 26th June 2017 9am

Application form for a Feasibility Study for an FDG connection
Letter of Authority template
ENA Generator application form
ENA Energy Storage System - Further Information Request

FDG South East curtailment heat map

FDG EPN curtailment heat maps

FDG High Level Process


FDG LIFO connection agreement

Telecommunications for operational tripping, timed and flexible connections

Post connection assessment of Active Network Management (ANM) schemes


National Grid and UK Power Networks have received £9.5m in funding from Ofgem for trialling a market solution that will better manage distributed generation in a step towards a Distribution System Operator. Read the full press release here

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