UK Power Networks - Report trees that need cutting near power lines
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Report trees that need cutting near power lines

Report trees that need cutting near power lines

0800 029 4280

We conduct an extensive tree management programme, which aims to check most of the trees that could interfere with our overhead lines on a four-year cycle. 

If you believe that a tree growing near to overhead lines requires trimming to prevent future damage please report it by clicking on the button below and one of our engineers will call you.

We can only cut trees back enough to ensure they no longer come into contact with the lines (usually 1.5m away) – unless our team considers public safety to be an issue. We will also need to speak to the landowner who owns the trees, as they will be responsible for removing the cut branches after our work has been completed. 

Is it affecting your power?
Trees can sometimes grow into our overhead lines, causing problems with the electricity supply. If the tree is hitting the cables, causing arcing and sparking or affecting your electricity supply call us free on  0800 31 63 105 or 105.  if calling from a mobile.

How long until an engineer will call me?
We’ll always aim to book your phone call in for the next available appointment that is convenient for you.

For more information visit the HSE website.