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We will let you know how our repair works are going, and give you an estimated time that your power will be switched back on.

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Don't worry, we won't use your mobile number for anything else or any marketing purposes, we'll only text you if you're affected by a power cut. Your data will be managed in accordance with the requirements of the Data Protection Act 1998.

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Will I get charged for this service?
We will not charge you for registering for this service. However, standard text message fees apply and may vary according to your mobile network provider. You will not be charged to receive messages. However, if you are using this service outside of the UK you may be charged to receive messages.

What time do your text messages stop?
Our text update service runs through the day and night. It's a 24-hour service, so we'll keep sending you messages until we've fixed the fault.

I’ve got power now, why are you sending me texts still?
When we fix a fault, power comes back on in stages. Some homes may be up and running before others, but we’ll keep sending text updates until everyone has their power back on.

How do I stop receiving text messages?
If you want to stop receiving messages, just text ‘CANCEL’ to 80876. If you’d like to receive texts again, all you need to do is re-register. You’ll need to register for this service each time you have a power cut.

Will you send me marketing messages?
No, we will not contact you for marketing purposes, however we may contact you to notify you of a power cut in your area.