Helpful advice during a power cut

If your power goes off:

  • Avoid opening the freezer door to protect your frozen food, which can usually last up to 15 hours                                    
  • Turn off and unplug any non-essential electrical equipment 
  • Leave one light switched on, so you know when the power returns
  • Keep warm by staying in one room and wearing several layers of clothing 
  • Limit the use of your laptop or smart phone to retain battery power
  • Follow us on twitter @UKPowerNetworks. We are there 24 hours a day to keep you updated
  • Keep an eye on any elderly or ill neighbours 
  • Never leave candles burning or heating appliances switched on in unoccupied rooms. 

After the power cut

  • Check your circuit breaker 
  • If there has been a storm or emergency situation, stay away from fallen lines, flooded areas and debris to stay safe
  • If using your own generator, please be careful to follow safe operating procedures. Never run it inside your home