Our history

This page gives you a brief history of our company names and will act as a guide as to which company you may have dealt with previously.
Engineer at fore front of image on a public road holding a tablet device
Historically, London Electricity (previously the London Electricity Board, LEB) managed the electricity network in London; Eastern Electricity (previously the Eastern Electricity Board, EEB) managed the electricity cables and lines in Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex, Hertfordshire, Cambridgeshire, parts of Buckinghamshire and most of Bedfordshire, and SEEBOARD (previously the South Eastern Electricity Board, SEEB) looked after the electricity network in parts in Kent and part of Surrey, and Sussex.

In 1998 Eastern Electricity became TXU Energy, which together with London Electricity then merged in 1999 to form 24seven Utility Services. 24seven Utility Services handled electricity distribution for the next three years, before it expanded even further when SEEBOARD joined them under the ownership of the LE Group in 2002. The following year 24seven Utility Services rebranded to become EDF Energy Networks.

EDF Energy Networks then managed the electricity distribution network across London, the South East and East of England for the next seven years until 2010 when they were acquired by the CK Group and renamed UK Power Networks. UK Power Networks is very proud to deliver a steady and safe supply of electricity to residents and businesses, and help enable the UK's transition to a low carbon future.