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We're continuing to invest in digital technologies to deliver more for our customers.
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How we're maximising digital

Digital technology is revolutionising our world. We're determined to be leaders in our industry and use the most advance systems possible to better serve our customers.

Each year we publish several documents to report on our strategy, action plans and principles. We're committed to publishing regular, annual updates to help customers and stakeholders understand our direction of travel. Industry users can also use the documents to help shape their future plans.

We've published two documents in this area which you can view below: an update to our 2022 action plan covering the first six months of the year; and our Digitalisation Strategy and Action Plan for 2022.

As always, we know there is more we can learn. Please let us know what you think by emailing us at

A graphic of our digital operating model for 2021
Our digital operating model for 2021
The four key areas of our strategy:

Our 2022 digitalisation strategy and action plan is customer and stakeholder focused and is designed to deliver on the needs of the communities, sectors and potential future collaborators we serve. It focuses on 4 user groups:

  • Customers: we are improving our customers’ experience by creating new online services that make it easier to connect and interact with us

  • Employees: our employees, who are all vital in delivering and improving our performance for customers, will be able to work anytime, anywhere and from any device in a coordinated, efficient way

  • Assets & Operations: we are embedding digital practices into the ways we capture, baseline and utilise our data to inform decision making. This means we’ll be able to innovate faster and be more collaborative to improve our performance

  • Smart Networks: new digital technologies and software are helping us to evolve into a Distribution System Operator (DSO), developing a future-ready network for a Net Zero carbon emissions world. Learn more about how we're building a smart grid on our Smart Grid site


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