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Making the transition to electric vehicles (EVs) accessible for all.


It’s our mission to make sure electric vehicles are accessible to everyone as the UK transitions to Net Zero. We know that going electric isn’t always the easiest process to understand. Our accessibility hub has information, guidance and links to more resources as a starting point for anyone looking to make the switch to an EV.

Accessibility benefits us all, not just those with disabilities, and we also want to make sure it’s a primary consideration for anyone looking to provide public charging infrastructure. Below you can find useful insights from our projects and the latest data that may help with the future rollout of accessible EV infrastructure.

If you have any thoughts on what else we could be doing to make EV accessible for all, please send us an email to

Mature woman smiling while using an EV charger to charge a car

Enable: accessible charging for disabled drivers

The Enable project aimed to understand the role of a Distribution Network Operator, like us, in supporting the needs of disabled people reliant on on-street parking in their transition to electric vehicles. We also wanted to assess the impact of the electrification of disabled parking bays on our networks so we can make sure we are ready. 

We partnered with Motability, a national charity developing new solutions to support the mobility needs of those with disabilities. We engaged with a wide range of stakeholders from disabled drivers, local authorities and charge point operators to transport authorities and central government. Taking our learnings together with quantitative research on market sizing and network impact analysis, we have developed an action plan to help make accessible low carbon transport a reality.

A male wheelchair user using plugging a charger into an EV

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