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We're here to help your small or medium business switch to Electric Vehicles (EVs).

Our role for connecting your EV and facilitating your switch

We own and operate the electricity network across London, the South East and East of England. That means almost all businesses that want to switch to electric transport will connect chargers to our network. Our role is to help make the process as easy and simple as possible for all our customers. 

To do that, we need to understand your specific business charging needs, including where you want to charge, how many chargers you need, and what type. It's OK if you're not sure right now. We'll work with you to help.
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Connection process for switching to an Electric Vehicle

First you need to understand your electric vehicle and charging needs
If you want to charge at your business or home, you need to appoint a charge point installer
Your charge point installer will help you to contact us if we need to do any work to make your home or business ready for an EV charger
We will appoint an expert to assess your needs and provide a quote for your connection
If you accept, we will carry out the work and once complete, your charge point(s) can be installed

Examples of different business charging needs

Businesses charging at home

Businesses charging at home

Naomi Hamilton runs a cake delivery business from home and wants to charge her vehicle overnight as she is visiting customers all day. She does not have an office and leaves from home each day.

Naomi has installed a charge point at her home to charge her vehicle when she is not working.

Public charging

Public charging

Elijah Proudfoot is a self-employed plumber in London with a work van. Elijah has no driveway and is not able to install a charge point at home and wishes to charge when travelling around London.

Elijah chooses to use public charge points whilst travelling around. They can be found at some petrol stations, along streets and in car parks.

Single charger at business premises

Single charger at business premises

Sophia Patel runs a catering business from an office with a small car park and owns just one van. Sophia would like to charge at the office whilst not visiting customers, so has installed one charge point in the small car park.

Multiple chargers at business premises 

Multiple chargers at business premises

Noah Ali runs a refrigeration company from his depot which has a car park and loading station. His company has three fleet vehicles, which are collected each morning and dropped off at the end of the day. 

Noah has installed three charge points and the electric vans will charge overnight at the office.

Choosing your Electric Vehicle and type of charger

Your first step in switching your fleet to electric will be to choose your electric vehicle and a suitable charger for the vehicle and your business needs.

You can choose from three main vehicle types: Battery-electric vehicle (BEV), Plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV), and Extended range electric vehicles (E-REV). Then you can choose from either a Slow, Fast, or Rapid charger which could be installed at your home or business, or you could use public charge points.

To learn more about EVs and EV charge points, 
visit Energy Saving Trust’s SME EV pages with information about government grants, tools to help you evaluate and buy an EV, training courses, and other resources.

Blue van parked outside residential properties

Home charging for businesses

If you are looking to charge your business’ electric vehicles at your home or your employees’ homes then you need to follow the exact same process for getting a charge point for private or domestic electric vehicles.

Your first step will be to appoint a Charge Point Installer. They will help you to install your EV charger and support you through the process. To find government authorised providers, please explore the approved list of installers for the EV Homecharge Scheme.

To prepare for your new charge point, you may need to upgrade your supply, and we can help. We can upgrade your fuse to an 80 or 100amp fuse free of charge. You can learn more about this on our fuse upgrade page.
Electric Vehicle plugged in and charging

Charging fleets or multiple EVs

If you operate more than one EV then you might want to install multiple charge points. Your first step would be to appoint a charge point provider and choose which charge point(s) will meet your needs. Your installer can then help you to submit an application using our new connections form.

We will then appoint a project manager to assess your needs, visit the site, perform network studies, produce a design, and provide a quote. If you accept, then we will carry out the work.

You can learn more on our multiple charger installation page or download our dedicated guide for fleets.

Small fleet charging solutions can accommodate the installation of 1-3 fast chargers, or 1 rapid charger. This means we can facilitate up to 70kVA connections which will typically take 8-12 weeks to complete the process.

Medium-Large fleet charging solutions facilitate installation of multiple rapid charge points, which enables connections rated above 200kVA and can take anywhere from 8 weeks to 6 months, depending on the site requirements and electricity network constraints in your area.

Multiple Ev charging points in car park

Public charging for your business

It may be beneficial for your business to make use of the on-street public charging infrastructure, whether you are looking to ‘top-up’ while away from home/work, or if you don’t have access to off-street charging. Whatever you situation, we want to make it easier for you.

With the public charge point network rapidly expanding across the UK, especially in towns and cities, it is becoming easier to get access to an electric vehicle charger. Energy Saving Trust, an independent organisation working to to address the climate emergency, have useful information on where to find public charge points on their electric vehicle page.

Electric Vehicle parked up at an EV charger, plugged in and charging

Already connected but having an issue?

If you have a power cut, please call 105 or report the issue on our website.


If you do not have a power cut, but your charge point is not working as expected then please contact your charge point installer or a local electrician.

Need help?

Read our help and advice on installing Electric Vehicle Charging Points.

Ask the expert

Ask our electric vehicle expert a question online or request a face-to-face meeting to learn more before you apply.