What do you need?

1. Disconnect electricity cables to a domestic or small commercial building

Typically our customers need this when they are:
  • Demolishing a building to allow staff to work on site safely
  • Building a new property and need to disconnect the electricity to work safely on a site knowing there is no live electricity there
  • Needing one or more electricity meters removed
  • Removing a temporary builders supply
  • Wanting to have something physically removed (i.e. electricity cable, electricity meter)

This process will result in a permanent disconnection of electricity, there will be no power at all.

2. Disconnect an electrical substation or large electricity cable (over 400amps)

Typically our commercial customers need this when they are:
  • Working on a new large project (such as a new housing development) and an electricity substation is in the way
  • Demolishing sites that have electrical substations or electricity cables over 400amps

Electrical substation

3. Turn off the electricity and give me electricity temporarily

Typically customers need this when:
  • Working on a site where power is needed for tools and lighting
  • Working on site that has an electricity supply that could be moved to a new position

4. Disconnect an electricity meter

Typically customers need this when:

  • Moving out of a property and they don’t want to be charged for an electricity bill
  • Renovating a property and want their electricity meter removed temporarily or permanently 

The company you pay your electricity bills legally own the meter so only they can work on the electricity meter and remove it for you. Find out your electricity supplier and your MPAN

5. Close down or remove a Meter Point Administration Number (MPAN)

Typically our customers need to close this number down when:

  • They don’t want to receive electricity bills for the property any longer
  • They have been told they need a ‘logical disconnection’

To arrange this please speak to the company you pay your electricity bills to and ask for a ‘logical disconnection’. They will arrange this for you and send us a DO132A message so we can cancel it. Once we have received this, our specialist MPAN team will arrange this for you, they can be contacted on 0800 587 2269 or  MPAS@ukpowernetworks.co.uk

An MPAN is a unique number that is given to each electricity meter, it's printed on your electricity bill.