Disconnect an electrical substation or large electricity cable (over 400amps)

We can help our commercial customers disconnect electricity substations, power cables or other electrical equipment from building sites or your land.

If you want to disconnect our electricity cables or our electricity equipment, we can help you. Whether this is your first time needing this service or if you have done this before, we want to make this as easy as possible for you.

How much will this cost?
Costs can vary considerably depending on your project. Please apply and we’ll send you a quote.

How long will this take?
This is determined by a range of factors associated with a project for example the complexity, third party consents, reinforcement works or local authority permissions. However we will do our best to complete the work as soon as possible for you.

What steps do I need to go through?

The first step is completing a form and our project designer will assess what you need.

Please complete a form and we’ll call you back
Your project designer will assess and design
We'll send you a quote for you to accept and pay
We'll carry out the work you need

Need help before you apply?

Find FAQ's, Ask the expert online or request a face to face meeting to learn more before you apply.

Did you know you have a choice?

Did you know you can seek competitive quotations from an Independent Connection Provider for many elements of the work involved in getting an electricity connection?

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Ready to apply?

Then the next step is to complete an application form.  Download the PDF form below.

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