Distributed Energy Resources (DER)

If you are considering installing equipment to generate or store electricity likewind turbines, solar panels, batteries or combined heat and power units, we’re here to help. In our industry, DER is also known as distributed generation (DG).

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1. Need help with existing solar panels? 

For example: 

  • You need a letter confirming your solar connection to our electricity network so you can change suppliers
  • You want to find out if your installation has been registered with us
  • You want to find out what additional information we need if your installation isn't registered with us
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2. Installing Distributed Generation below 3.68kW

For example you want to install: 

  • Solar panels 
  • Electric vehicle charging points
  • Electric heat pumps 
Solar Panels At Home (1)

3. Installing Distributed Generation rated at 3.68kW or higher

For example you want to install: 

  • Wind farms
  • Solar farms
  • Large scale energy storage
  • Larger scale heat pumps
Wind Farm

Products and services for DER owners

Through our smart grid development and innovation teams, we are implementing new products and services to make life easier for distributed generation customers.

  • Flexible connections 
  • Customers can apply for a flexible connection to lower the cost of connection by agreeing to export less energy when there is limited network capacity. 


Helpful resources and quick links

  • DER Owners and Operators

    Register for access to our outage planning application Network Vision to view Extra High Voltage (EHV) outages affecting your site. It’s vital, for all voltage levels, that we have the correct operational contact information for your site. You can view and amend your Site Responsibility Schedule (SRS) so we can inform you of planned works that could impact your sites operation.

    Find out more
  • The Embedded Capacity Register

    The Embedded Capacity Register (ECR) has replaced the System-Wide Resource Register (SWRR). The Register provides information on Distributed Energy Resources and network requirements.

    Find out more
  • Want to discuss your project?

    Discuss your project with us at one of our DER surgeries before completing an application. 

    Find out more
  • Distributed Generation Mapping tool

    Use our Distributed Generation mapping tool to check the capacity of our network in your local area.

    Find out more
  • Innovation

    Find out about our innovative projects and how they are benefiting our customers.

    Find out more
  • Timed or profiled connections

    A cost-effective way for distributed generation connections over 1MW

    Find out more
  • Changes to our budget estimation process

    We have made changes to our budget estimate process, read our guide for more information.

    Find out more
  • Apply to connect an energy storage system

    Electricity storage allows you to store electricity and use it at another time.                                                                                                                                                 

    Find out more
  • Supporting Community Energy Projects

    Community energy has an important role to play in the UK transition to Net Zero. 

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  • Facilitating Renewable Energy 

    Learn what we're doing to connect large scale volumes of green renewable energy. 

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