ALoMCP Recognised Contractors

It’s expected that there will be a large number of generation sites making changes to their Loss of Mains (LoM) protection as part of the Accelerated Loss of Mains Change Programme (ALoMCP). The work required on generation sites as part of this programme, e.g. replacing a protection relay, typically requires DNO witness testing. To facilitate the high volumes expected in this programme, industry has agreed to allow generation sites to make the required LoM changes under this programme through “self-certification”.  

What is Self-Certification?
Self-certification enables generation sites to carry out the required work under this programme without the requirement for DNO witness testing. Generation sites can self-certify if the required works on site is solely a settings change to an existing protection device. If the required works on site is a protection device replacement or LoM function deactivation, generation sites can self-certify if the work is undertaken by a recognised contractor. 

What is an ALoMCP Recognised Contractor?
The ALoMCP defines a recognised contractor as a contractor/engineer whose work has been previously witnessed on site on sufficient occasions by the DNO, who undertakes generator protection commissioning or similar activities and is found competent by the DNO in terms of their skills, processes and procedures.  Under this programme each DNO has their own policy regarding recognised contractors. 

Download our policy below for more information on our ALoMCP recognised contractors. You can also download a list of our existing ALoMCP contractors. 

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