Flexible connections


We're committed to giving our customers the best possible service. We know that the financial costs and time it takes to connect to the network are important issues for our customers. That's why we're launching a new Active Network Management system offering cheaper and faster Flexible connections.

Active Network Management (ANM) is a key part in enabling our transition from being a Distribution Network Operator to a Distribution System Operator.Building on the highly successful Flexible Distributed Generation programmes, we're going further than any other network operator in the UK by integrating astate of the art ANM into our central control centre and rolling it out across our three networks.

There are parts of our distribution network where constraints such as capacity, voltage or reverse power flow issues mean the cost of connection is very likely tobe higher than expected due to additional reinforcement works being required. A flexible connection will provide a connection within the existing network without the need for reinforcement. The customer must be willing to accept temporary reduction to their export to ensure the network is kept within operational limits and the constraint is not breached.

Flexible connections are now available from our new central Active Network Management system

We've made improvements to the connection application process, making it easier than ever for customers to apply for a flexible connection. 

What are we improving?

  • Simple application process using existing forms (prior Feasibility Study is not needed)
  • Applicable to both budget estimate and formal quote applications
  • Availability across all three of our license areas
  • Clarity on dates from application to energisation
  • Use of our DG Mapping tool and Generation as a first guide on curtailment 
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