Flexible connections

Flexible connections allow cheaper and faster connections for Distributed Energy Resource (DER) owners
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Across our network, we’ve connected more than 170,000 generators, including enough renewable energy to power 3.5m homes. In certain areas, such a large volume of distributed generation creates constraints on capacity, voltage or reverse power flows. Traditionally, this meant that new generators looking to connect would need to spend time and money on physical network upgrades to remove those constraints before they could connect.

Flexible connections allow owners of distributed generation to connect cheaper and faster by removing the upfront cost and time of network reinforcement. All generators need to do is agree to temporarily reduce the amount of energy they export at certain times to keep our network within its operational limits.

Flexible connections are part of our world-leading approach to using a Distributed Energy Resources Management System (DERMS). Find out more about how we’re building a smart grid for a Net Zero world.

Support before you apply

Before you make a formal application, please consider taking the following steps which will help guide you through your flexible connection journey.

Use our DG mapping tool
Our DG mapping tool shows which parts of our network are currently constrained according to technology type. It can also give you an indication on how much curtailment you can expect with a flexible connection.

Speak to our experts directly
You can join one of our digital DER surgeries, which provide an opportunity for customers to discuss their project with us before submitting an application.

Get a budget estimate
We can send you an estimated cost for a flexible connection. This is intended as a guide only to help our customers through the decision making process.
To request a budget estimate, please click this link: connections.gateway@ukpowernetworks.co.uk Be sure to include all of the information included in the email template. Please also note that our budget estimate is a desktop exercise based on a preliminary assessment. It is not a formal flexible connection offer that you can accept, and final formal connections costs may vary considerably from an initial budget estimate.

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How to apply

Make a formal application by completing the application forms in the section below. Please email the forms and your completed letter of authority template to connections.gateway@ukpowernetworks.co.ukWe’ll assess your application and provide you with a quote within our Guaranteed Standards of Performance timescales.

Once we've assessed your application, we'll provide you with a curtailment report. This report uses network analysis to estimate the percentage of time during the year that your site might be curtailed with a flexible connection. See the technical standards and useful guides section below for more information on curtailment report.

For an overview of the whole flexible connection journey, download our journey guide.

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Before accepting our flexible connection offer

Once we have processed your application we'll send you a formal flexible connection offer, which includes a quoted price to complete the work. 

Before accepting the offer, you should make sure your site meets the requirements of two critical technical standards: the EDS 08-5060 Flexible Connection Requirements and the EDS 08-5060a Interface Schedule. Both are available below in the technical standards and useful guides section. If you have any questions after you have submitted your application, please get in touch with your allocated connections project manager for support.

If your site meets these technical requirements and you accept our formal flexible connection connection offer, we will work with you through your delivery journey. Delivering a flexible connection includes a number of activities that are additional to the delivery of a standard generation project, including the design, build, testing and integration of a DER controller, signal exchanges and flexible scheme design and configuration.

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