Installing Distributed Generation rated at 3.68kW or higher

We can help advise you on the steps you need to take to connect large scale  Distributed Generation equipment to our electricity network.
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How to install Distributed Generation

If you're looking to install large scale Distributed Generation (DG) equipment rated at 3.68kW or higher, you will need to apply in advance to receive a quote from us to connect to our electricity network. We'll assess your application to understand the work involved before sending you a quotation. On the day of the installation we may need to be there to complete some tests to make sure there are no issues.

Before you apply

  • To get an idea of the capacity of our electricity network in your local area, you can check our DG heat map tool.
  • If you would like to discuss your project with us before making an application, you can book a one to one surgery session with one of our experts for help and advice. 

The steps you need to follow

Step 1
Complete the relevant application form below or apply using Smart Connect if eligible.  If you need help and advice, book a surgery session with one of our experts before completing an application. 
Step 2
Once received, we will assess your application form. 
Step 3
We will then provide you with a quote to connect to our electricity network. 
Step 4
Your installer can connect your generation equipment to our electricity network. We may need to be there when they do this. 

Which application form you need to complete

To make it easier for installers, we have created a Smart Connect portal where they can submit applications or notifications for single domestic installations. Smart Connect will automatically assess applications and either issue approval or refer the application to the relevant teams for further assessment. To check if your installation is eligible to be raised on Smart Connect, please visit our Smart Connect page.

Alternatively, if your installation does not meet our Smart Connect criteria or if you have multiple installations, your installer can follow the steps below:

  • To connect generation equipment rated at 3.68kW up to 50kW you will need to complete the G99 - A1.1 Application Form
  • For all generation equipment rated at 50kW or higher, you will need to complete both the (ENA) G99 Generator Standard Application Form and also the relevant supplementary form on the ENA website. 
  • The supplementary form you need to complete will depend on the generation equipment you are installing. For more information please download the  Engineering Recommendation (EREC) G99 below. 
  • Once you have completed the required form you will need to send it back to us at
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