Need help with existing solar panels?

If you already have solar panels installed at your home or business and you need to provide confirmation of connection to our electricity network, we can help. 
Image of solar panels on the roof of a house

How we can help you

Many electricity suppliers offering new tariffs as part of the Smart Export Guarantee (SEG) are asking customers to provide confirmation of their connection to our electricity network.  We are happy to help in this situation.   

For the majority of small scale, domestic installations (equipment rated less than 3.68kW), installers are able to install the solar panel and notify us afterwards. Once notified, we add your details to our database and send a confirmation back to your installer.  

If we have received a notification from your installer, we can send you a connection confirmation letter. If your solar panels aren't on our database, we will be able to check to see if you are connected to our network. We may need you to provide us with the following information to help us complete this check: 

  • Dated copy of the certificate from your installer
  • Copy of the sales invoice confirming the size and date of the installation 
  • Photograph of the control equipment
  • Photograph of your electricity meter and the fuse holder which is at the end of the power cable coming into your property

To get your confirmation letter you can call or email us on the details below. 

Solar panels on the roof of a building

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