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We have been working with our customers to find a new approach to help you deliver your large Generation and storage projects of 5MW and above. We have developed a new chargeable Optioneering Study to sit alongside our traditional budget estimates and formal quotations.

Within 20 working days, we will send you a budget estimate price for up to three different capacities for your solar farm or battery storage project, and we will reserve your place in the interactivity queue. This should make it easier for you to see whether your project will be commercially viable.

By requesting an Optioneering Study, you can obtain an estimation of costs for up to three different capacities, whilst retaining an earlier place in any interactivity queue, should you wish to progress one of the options to the formal quote stage. This could be the difference between you having to pay for network reinforcement or not. For more information please read our Optioneering Guide.


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