Timed or profiled connections

It is not always necessary to have or require a connection to be available for use 24 hrs per day either at the full capacity or a reduced capacity.  Where 24 hr availability isn’t necessary a quicker and cheaper connection may be possible especially in parts of the network where utilisation is high. Timed or profiled connections can in the right circumstances provide cost-effective connection solutions. UK Power Networks has significant experience in both offering and providing such solutions to customers. Some London bus garages have benefitted from quicker and cheaper connections as part of the electrification of the bus fleet and it has been possible to offer timed connections for EV charge points to some car parks.   

Although similar timed and profiled connections are slightly different – timed connections typically have only 2 -3 different periods of time and hence capacity availabilities whereas profiled connections could have up to 48 different periods.

Timed connections can be a cost-effective way for DER, DG, EV or indeed traditional demand connections  to connect to our electricity network.  Import and or export of energy can be controlled or limited at times of day when network utilisation is high.

Profiled connections allow for greater levels of flexibility – customers are required to submit an import/export profile of their connection and the Connection Offer from us is based upon the usage profile.