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London's Green bus revolution

We have been working with TfL to electrify London’s iconic red bus fleet, helping the transition to a low carbon future. Jointly we have developed a cost effective model to deliver the project in line with TfLs expectations ensuring a controlled transition over a number of years.

Claire Mann, director of Bus Operations at TfL, said: “Buses play a crucial role in cleaning up London’s toxic air by providing an efficient, reliable and affordable alternative to driving. We want to make them even cleaner so that they have an even greater impact on improving the health of Londoners, which is why we’re replacing older, polluting engines with modern, cleaner alternatives. We can’t do this without having the right infrastructure in place, which is why UK Power Networks’ work to electrify several of London’s bus garages is so important to help us to ensure that our whole bus fleet is zero emission as quickly as possible.”

There are now 155 electric buses in the capital, with TfL looking to electrify all 9,000. As transport makes up 20% of all London’s emissions, the work we are doing is helping to ensure that London is a zero carbon city by 2050.  

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Innovative Electric Vehicle trials we are involved in

We are proud of our track record of bringing innovative solutions to the network. You can find out more about the trials we are currently running or submit your own idea for an innovative project.

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Our role in supporting the uptake of Electric Vehicles

Our EV strategy sets out what we’re doing as the leading Distribution Network Operator to support the transition to a low carbon economy by facilitating the uptake of Electric Vehicles. We are interested in your views and if there is anything else we should be doing.

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Looking for a more innovative solution for your EV charging needs

We are continuously developing new products and services to help our customers connect their EV infrastructure as cost effectively as possible. We have also been involved in trials to look at how behind the meter solutions can work with our electrical infrastructure.

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