Installing small chargers at your home or business

Grants for Electric Vehicle Charging Points

To charge your new Electric Vehicle, you may wish to install a Charge Point at your home or small business. Typically these will be 7kW  ‘fast’ chargers. To do this you will need to appoint a Charge Point Installer to carry out the work. You may also be eligible for funding through the Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme. Details of Charge Point Installers and grants are available on the government website. 

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How to set up an Electric Vehicle Charging Point at an existing property 

Put an order in for your new Electric Vehicle
If you want to charge at home, you need to appoint a Charge Point Installer
Your  Charge Point Installer will assess your current power supply
If we need to do any work, your Charge Point Installer will help you contact us
Once the work is complete the Charge Point can be installed
Notifying UK Power Networks of an Electric Vehicle Charge Point installation 

If you are installing a Charge Point at an existing property it may be as simple as your Charge Point Installer notifying us that they have installed a charger.

Your Charge Point Installer will need to make a number of checks on your electrical installation. Once the appropriate checks have been made and if your electricity supply is adequate to accommodate your new charger, your Charge Point Installer can now complete the installation. They then have 30 days to notify us of the new installation. To make it easier they can even notify us of multiple installations in a single spreadsheet. 

If your main electricity fuse needs to be checked or upgraded, your installer will help you get in contact with us to arrange a free site visit. Read our help and advice for more information. If you need a fuse upgrade to 100amps, apply here.

Apply for UK Power Networks to connect an Electric Vehicle Charge Point

If your Charge Point Installer believes that your electricity supply is inadequate or they want us to check it, they will need to complete the application form below before installing your charger. We have committed to processing application forms from Installers within three working days and if we need to visit your property will book a visit within ten working days at a time that suits you.

Building a new property and want to install an Electric Vehicle Charge Point?

If you are building a new house or business and want to install an Electric Vehicle Charge Point you should tell us about this when you make your application for a new electricity supply.

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