Fuse upgrade

If you need to upgrade your main electrical fuse to 80 or 100amps, we can help you. Please read the information guides to see what you need to do before we can safely carry out the work.

With new technology such as electric vehicles and solar panels being introduced to the market, the demand for more power has increased. More and more properties need to upgrade their existing main fuse to a larger fuse size to help cope with the additional load.

Typically customers need this when:

  • Installing an electric car charging point

  • An electrician has recommended a larger fuse size

  • Additional load has been added to your property such as an extension, which requires a larger fuse

There are three parties that may be involved in upgrading a main fuse

We don’t own all of the electrical equipment at your property, so you may need to contact your electricity supplier (the company you pay your electricity bills to) and a qualified electrician to complete some work before we can safely upgrade your fuse. 

The equipment we are responsible for
We own the power cable which delivers your power and the main electrical fuse which controls the amount of power coming into your property. This is the fuse that we can upgrade for you. We are also responsible for the cut-out box which protects and holds your fuse. We are not allowed to work on any other electrical equipment including your electricity meter and fuse board.

Electricity network engineer standing next to van and holding a tablet device

Electricity supplier (the company you pay your electricity bills to)
Your electricity supplier is responsible for your electricity meter and the meter wires, sometimes known as tails, which run from our fuse to your meter. They will be able to check if your meter wires, or the meter itself, needs to be changed to cope with a main fuse upgrade.

Electrician or Installation company
The fuse board and the wires which run from it to the meter, are the responsibility of the property owner. These wires can also be called consumer tails or consumer cables. To check if they need upgrading, you should contact a qualified electrician, or your installation company if you are installing new equipment such as an electric vehicle charger.

Some properties have an additional switch known as an isolation switch, which is the joint responsibility of the property owner and the electricity supplier. Not all properties have them.

For more information on the electrical equipment mentioned above, including the isolation switch, watch our short video.

What fuse size do you need?

We can upgrade your main fuse from a 30 or 60amp fuse to either an 80amp or a 100amp fuse. If you’re unsure on which fuse size you need, please speak to a qualified electrician who will be able to help you. 
Before we can upgrade your fuse safely, your equipment needs to meet certain safety and technical standards. This will vary depending on if you need an 80 or a 100amp fuse.

Download our simple guide for more information on the criteria for each fuse size.  If you need more than a 100amp fuse, you will need to upgrade your power cable, for more information on this please read our upgrade page.

Requesting a free site visit

You will need to complete these checks before requesting a site visit:

  1. Find out which fuse size you require 
  2. Check if your fuse board and consumer wires are the correct size or if they need upgrading 
  3. Check if your electricity meter and meter wires are the correct size or if they need upgrading

If you think the electrical equipment in your property already meets the safety standards criteria, you can request a free site visit from us to check for you. 

We will aim to complete the site visit to assess the work involved in 10 working days of processing your request. During the site visit we may find that your electrical equipment meets the correct standards and we’ll be able to upgrade your fuse on the same day. However, if your electrical equipment doesn’t meet the correct standards, we won’t be able to upgrade your fuse and we'll need to arrange another visit. 
During the site visit we may also find that you’re connected to the same electricity supply as your neighbour, in which case we will need to contact your neighbour and assess the work involved. The power cable coming into your property may not be at a suitable size to support the larger fuse and could require an upgrade. In both scenarios there may be a charge involved to complete the work. Don’t worry, we will let you know if this is the case and advise you on the next steps, you can then decide if you want to go ahead with the work.

Confirming your site visit and how you can help us

Once you have requested a site visit, our team will contact you to confirm a date for one of our engineers to visit you. They may also request some photos of the electrical equipment mentioned above. This helps us understand how the electricity is set up at your property and also helps us identify if your equipment meets the correct standards. We can also see if there are any obstructions which may interfere with the work.  
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