Fuse upgrade

It is common for properties to have 30 or 60amp fuses. If you need to upgrade your fuse to 80 or 100amps, we can help 

Typically customers need to upgrade their main fuse when:

  • Installing an Electric vehicle  charging point or an Electric heat pump

  • Installing a power shower 

  • Installing a jacuzzi

  • Additional equipment is being installed

  • Your electrician has recommended installing a 100amp fuse at your property

  • Additional load has been added to your property such as an extension, which requires a 100amp fuse 

    Did you know:

Your fuse delivers power into your home

We own your electrical fuse (sometimes called electricity supply, main fuse, service head, cut out) and the cables coming into your home so we are trained and can work on this equipment. The electrical cable entering your property is connected to your electrical fuse to ensure the correct amount of power runs safely into your property. The company you pay your electricity bills to own your electricity meter, then you own the fuse box (sometimes called trip switches) inside your property.

We can upgrade your fuse from 60amps to 80 or 100amps

It's common for older properties to have 30 or 60amp fuses. We can upgrade your fuse to 80 or 100amps. Our expert will visit you to advise what is possible at your property. Sometimes if your electricity cable going into your property isn't large enough to cope with more power, you may need a larger electricity cable installed. If you need more than a 100amp fuse please read our upgrade page.

Arranging for your electricity meter tails to be upgraded

The company you pay your electricity bills to will need to visit you to upgrade your meter tails to 25mm. They will also need to check if your meter needs upgrading to cope with the bigger fuse and more power. A qualified electrician will also need to upgrade your consumer tails going into your fuse board and ensure that your fuse board can also cope with a bigger fuse.

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