Installing a 5G connection

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Requirements for installation

5G is the next generation of mobile connectivity and it is being rolled out across the country. The 5G technology is generally installed on existing 4G sites and it only requires a small increase of power.

A 5G connection requires a minimum of 15KW of power with a 100amp fuse. The following checks need to be carried out to ensure that your current electricity supply is ready for a 5G connection:

  • Contact your electricity supplier to confirm the amount of electricity demand you have signed up to. Your electricity supply agreement will need to be at a minimum of 15KW. If you don't know who your electricity supplier is then simply enter your postcode into our online checker to find out.
  • If your electricity supply is rated at 15KW and your main fuse is 100amps, then you can make your 5G connection and no work needs to be carried by UK Power Networks.
An example of a 100amp fuse 

                             What do I do if...

1. My main fuse is less than 100amps

If your main fuse is rated at less than 100amps then you will need to arrange for it to be upgraded to 100amps. Find out how you upgrade your fuse.

An example of a 60amp fuse

2. My electrical equipment is owned by a Building Network Operator (BNO)

Building Network Operators own and maintain the electrical equipment within a multi occupancy premise such as blocks of flats and office blocks. They are responsible for the electrical equipment located beyond the main distribution fuse which is also known as the main intake. 

If your 5G installation is provided via a landlords supply, this will be classed as a Building Network Operators asset and you will need to seek confirmation from them for the 5G connection to be made. The BNO can often be found by contacting the landlord or the management company for the premises. There will be no work involved for UK Power Networks. 

A typical BNO set up

3. There is no existing power supply

If there is no existing electricity supply, then you will need to apply for a new supply to be connected. Find out the cost, what's involved and how to apply.

4. I have completed the checks but I still need help 

If you have completed the above checks and you are still unsure of what you need, then we can help. We can send you guidance on what you need to do to complete your 5g connection. This is charged at £31.90 plus VAT and the guidance will be sent by email.

How to get help and advice:

  • Complete our short 5G form and send it back to
  • We will then process the form and send you an invoice
  • Once payment has been received, we will contact you back with guidance

Once we have reviewed your application, we will let you know which of the following steps you need to take next.

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