What do you need to move?

1. Move an electricity supply in my home or business 

We can move an electricity supply and provide you with a price of how much it will cost. Typically customers need to move their electricity supply to do one of the following:

  • Transforming a downstairs cupboard into a toilet or shower room
  • Constructing a new door frame
  • Extending a property
  • Renovating a kitchen
  • Building a conservatory
  • Moving it to a more accessible position 

2. Move an overhead electricity cable that is attached to my home or business

Typically our customers need to do this when:

  • The electricity cable is in the way of building work such as home extensions
  • Replacing facia, cladding or windows and the electricity cable is in the way
  • The electricity pole is in the way and you want it all moved underground
  • Removing the overhead cable and bracket fixed to your property purely for aesthetic reasons

3. Move an electricity meter

Customers often ask us about moving their meter only a short distance. Typically this is needed when creating room for additional electrical equipment (such as an isolator, security alarm, etc.)

Unfortunately, we can't help you with this. The company you pay your electricity bills to (your electricity supplier), legally own the meter, so only they can carry out any work on this. If you need to move your electricity board, we can do this for you (see above). However, at the end of any work we do, your electricity supplier will still need to reconnect the electricity meter.

4. Move a fuse box

Typically this is needed when your electrician is rewiring your property or you need to move the fuse box in a more accessible place.

Unfortunately, we can't help you with this only a qualified electrician can advise you on how to carry out this work. Your electricity supplier may need to visit during this work to turn off the electricity.

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