What's involved in moving an electricity supply


If you want to move an existing electricity connection, we can help you. We understand that this isn’t work that you need regularly so we want to make this as easy as possible for you. 

How much will this cost?
Our cost will be from £1,200. For us to give you a price, please complete this form and we’ll book an appointment with one of our experts to visit your property who will be able to answer any questions you have about the work. 

How long will this take?
We aim to complete your work four weeks after you have paid. This can take longer if we find out that we need to dig the road, pathway or if we have to dig on someone else’s land.

What steps do I need to go through?

The first step is completing a form and we’ll book an appointment with you within a few weeks.

Please complete a form and we’ll call you back
We will book you an appointment with an expert to visit your property and explain everything needed
We will send you a price for you to pay
You or your builder will need to dig a trench and prepare your property
We will complete the work for you

Who needs to be involved?

UK Power Networks

UK Power Networks

We own and maintain the electricity lines and cables in London, the South and East of England.

Your electrician

Your electrician

You will need to arrange for a qualified electrician to carry out any internal wiring. They will need to certify their work and provide a BS 7671 installation certificate.

Your builder

Your builder

A trench will need to be dug from the current electricity meter location to the new electricity meter location. We can dig the trench for you or you can choose to do this work yourself or through a builder. If you have an overhead electricity supply that is higher than two storeys or is difficult to reach then scaffolding will need to be put up. You will need to use a builder or scaffolding contractor who is trained to put this up safely.

Your electricity supplier

Your electricity supplier

Your electricity supplier (the company you will choose to pay your electricity bills to) will need to install a new electricity meter, after we have completed our work.

Frequently asked questions

Want to go ahead with this work?

Then the next step is booking an appointment with one of our experts so they can explain the work to you at your property and give you a price.  You do not need to pay for this appointment.

Did you know you have a choice?

Did you know you can seek competitive quotations from an Independent Connection Provider for many elements of the work involved in getting an electricity connection?
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Plans showing where electricity cables are

We encourage anyone carrying out work that involves digging to request plans before hand to avoid underground electricity cables.
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