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Find out how much it may cost to move your electricity supply and how long it will take.

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55% of customers who paid this had their work completed within 15 working days from payment.

40% of customers who paid this had their work completed within 15 working days from payment.

5% of customers who paid this had their work completed within 14 weeks from payment (due to the time taken to apply for local council permits).

What affects time and cost?

Because of the number of different variables involved, we can't provide an accurate price online or give time frames without one of our surveyors visiting your property. We can, however, tell you what three customers paid and how long it took from them making contact to project completion.

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Is the price affected by the distance moved? 
Unfortunately it makes no difference whether you're moving your supply inside or outside or only a small distance, it will not make it any quicker or easier. Moving your electricity supply any distance, even 10cm inside your property will cost a minimum of £800-£1200 (+VAT). This is because we need to move the black electricity cable too. This black cable goes under or over your property to connect to the wider electricity network. It's not possible to pull or move this cable even a small distance without digging up the power cable and moving the cable.
Can an electrician move this a short distance?
Qualified electricians are qualified to move the fuse box (the box that holds the trip switches) and to work on your internal wiring. Electricians are not trained to work on the electricity supply or the electricity meter.  Moving the electricity cable coming in from the road has to be done by our qualified engineers.
Not possible to stretch the cable

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Have a read through how we would move your electricity supply and the steps we take. 

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