Replace meter box

Occasionally electricity meter boxes need to be replaced. We can turn off your power so you can replace your electricity meter box safely.
Please read all information below before requesting

Customers need their meter box changed when:

  • It is damaged or the door has fallen off

  • It has been vandalised

  • It is falling away from the wall

                                              Did you know:

The homeowner owns the electricity meter box
We don’t own your electricity meter box so we can’t carry this work out for you. However we can book an appointment with one of our experts to give advice free of charge, they will let you know the best way to replace it safely. It may be a simple fix which will require a repair kit and your power may not need to go off. If needed, an expert will come back on an agreed date to turn your power off whilst you carry out the work to fit the new electricity meter box. Occasionally we may need to dig below your meter box to allow the safe removal of your old meter box.  Please note if you want to move your electricity meter and power supply, this will be a chargeable.  Please read move your electricity supply for more information. 

If you think your situation is dangerous, please stay away from the equipment and call us 24 hours a day on 0800 31 63 105 or 105 (free to call from a landline or mobile).

Example of an external meter box

Different companies own the electrical equipment in your home
We own your electrical fuse (sometimes called electricity supply, service head, cut out) and the cables coming into your property so we are trained to work on this equipment. The company you pay your electricity bills to own your electricity meter, then you own the fuse box (sometimes called trip switches) inside your property.

How long will this take?

We usually need ten working days notice to get someone to visit you.

Request a free visit online now
An expert will visit  you to plan the work with you
If needed, we can visit you again to turn your power off whilst you install the new box

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