What do you need to upgrade?

1. Upgrade an electricity supply in your home or business (up to 70kVA)

If you need more power we can offer an upgrade from a single phase electricity supply to a three phase electricity supply. This will give you up to 70kVA of power. For most domestic properties and small businesses this will meet the power requirements. Typically customers need an upgrade when:

  • Converting a house into flats so each flat has its own electricity meter
  • Extending a property which requires more power to run more electrical appliances
  • Installing high power equipment such as ground or air source heat pumps, microgeneration, large motors and welders
  • Installing any three phase electrical equipment, such as water pumps

2. Upgrade an electricity supply in a property (over 70kVA)

We can upgrade an electricity supply to over 70 kVA and provide you with a price for how much it will cost. Typically commercial customers need this when:

  • Installing new equipment such as freezers into a high street shop
  • Installing new equipment into a restaurant 
  • Installing multiple electric vehicle chargers in a car park

3. Upgrade an electricity fuse

It’s common for older properties to have 30 or 60amp fuses. We can upgrade this to a 80 or 100amp fuse for you free of charge. Typically domestic customers need this when:

  • Installing a power shower
  • Installing a jacuzzi
  • An electrician has recommended a 100amp fuse

4. Replace equipment in your home

Do you have an old, worn or broken meter board, meter box, fuse or earthing? We can look at replacing or give you advice about upgrading these:

An example of an old electricity set up

5. Repair or upgrade an electricity meter

Customers often ask us if they can upgrade their electricity meter to a smart meter or to a newer model meter. Unfortunately, we can't help you with this. The company you pay your electricity bills to (your electricity supplier), legally own the meter, so only they can upgrade your meter for you.

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