Upgrade electricity:  What's involved

Read how we would upgrade your electricity and the steps we take.

1. Before we arrive, digging will be needed

To upgrade an electricity supply we’ll need to work on the electricity cable which is usually underground. On your land, digging a trench will be needed to lay the new electricity cable in. We can do this for you or you can do this yourself. We'll provide the black tubing (ducting) which needs to be placed inside the trench. On the day, we’ll lay a new electricity cable and run it to where you want your electricity meter to be. To prepare for this, you will need to make sure the following are completed:

  • A trench needs to be dug on your land (if you have chosen to carry out this digging yourself)
  • A new electricity meter box will need to be installed on the outside wall of your property (we can give you advice on where to buy this from) 

2. We’ll plan with you where our vehicles can be parked on the day of the work

We need to park our vans close to where the work is needed. If you don’t have off road parking or a guarantee of a space outside, we will work with you to try and ensure a space is available on the day of the works. If there are designated parking bays outside your property we may need to apply to your council to have these suspended whilst we carry out the work. 

3. On the day, we’ll dig outside your property

We’ll find the nearest electricity cable to you, this is usually in the road or pathway where we’ll need to dig a large hole. From this hole, we’ll lay a new electricity cable and run it to where you want your electricity meter to be.

4. We’ll pull the new electricity cable into your electricity meter box

We recommend your electricity meter box is on an outside wall. We’ll make the electricity cable live by connecting the new cable to the existing cable. We have extensive safety checks to make sure it's all working correctly and safe before our engineers leave. If we have done all of your digging then we’ll come back within 48 hours to fill the trench back and make it as it was before we carried out any digging. Please note if you carried out your own digging then you will need to fill the hole in.

5. The new electricity cable will be made live

Your electricity supplier needs to visit to connect an electricity meter. To get electricity into your home, the company you pay your electricity bills to, needs to visit your home on the day we complete the work. They’ll need to install a new electricity meter in the meter box, as they own and are responsible for this piece of equipment. You need to arrange this on the day we complete our works, so you can have power.

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