What are the benefits of having a smart meter?


The company who you pay your electricity bills to can arrange to have a free smart meter installed in your home.

Smart meters offer a range of benefits which include the following:

  • We can get the right help to you more quickly during a power cut
  • We automatically know when your power has gone off without you having to contact us 
  • We can check if your power is working without having to visit your home – and sometimes even resolve the issue over the phone
  • They give you real time information on your energy use, allowing you to better manage your usage, so you can save money and reduce emissions
  • They communicate directly with your electricity supplier (who you pay your bills to) which means that no one will need to come and read your meter
  • You receive accurate electricity bills, as you will only be billed for the electricity you use

Not sure who your electricity supplier is? 

If you live in London, the South East or the East of England and are the registered bill of the property, you can use our supplier checker tool to find out. 

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