What is electrical ducting?

Ducting for electricity cables is rigid and held within black protective tubing. It must have the words ‘Electric Cable Duct’ stamped down the side so it’s easy for anyone coming across it to know exactly what’s inside. It protects people from electricity and electricity from people (and their machinery). 


Installing new electricity cables?

If your having new electricity cables installed, it's very likely you’ll need electrical ducting. If you’re having work carried out by us then our technician will be able to answer any questions and we can buy the ducting for you to make it easier. You need to be mindful about the correct depth that ducting should sit at within the ground or the diameter of ducting that is needed. The diameter of ducting varies but it’s usually 32mm for single-phase electricity supplies and 50/125mm for three-phase electrical supplies.


What type of ducting do I need?

UK Power Networks will supply ducting if requested when you apply or you can buy ducting from any supplier whose ducting meets our safety and design standards.

The following are approved and used by UK Power Networks 

  • 32mm Polyduct (Single Phase) 
  • 50mm Polyduct (Three Phase) 
  • 32mm Polyduct Coupling
  • 50mm Polyduct Coupling
  • 125mm Ridgiduct 3m (Road Crossing)