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Distribution costs on your electricity bill

We own and maintain your electricity cables across London, the South East and East of England.

Approximately 16% of your electricity bill comes to us so that we can maintain and upgrade the power equipment and keep the lights on. However, you don’t pay your distribution charges directly to us as these incorporated in your electricity bills from your electricity supplier.

This is how it works here:

We are looking to invest £6.6 billion over the next eight years from 2015. This will ensure that we can reduce the number of power cuts by more than 10%. We also propose up front cuts to distribution charges in 2015, which will mean that our share of your electricity bill will be 3% lower in 2015-2023 before inflation.

We are using innovation and saving £141m by allowing new sources of energy to be connected up as well as other low carbon technology such as heat pumps and electric vehicles in ways that minimise the costs to customers

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