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Our Business Plan: Placing customers and communities at the heart of Net Zero

RIIO-ED2 is the next price control for Distribution Network Operators running from 2023-28. We’re putting customers first as we shape our plans for delivering outstanding service and facilitating Net Zero. We want you to join us on the journey and have your say to shape the future of energy.

Our plan aims to maintain UK Power Networks as the best performing network company in Great Britain against a backdrop of transformative change in the energy system and in our society as we decarbonise every aspect of our economy.

Decarbonisation is one of the greatest challenges facing our generation, and therefore engaging with our customers, wider communities and stakeholders on our role is vital in order to maintain public support for Net Zero. That’s why we have undertaken our most extensive customer research and stakeholder engagement to date, involving over 26,000 people right across our regions, to help design a Business Plan that delivers on their needs and priorities.

Visit our dedicated ED2 web page to find out more about our Business Plan.

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