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Information for our suppliers and partners

At UK Power Networks we strive to be the best performing distribution network operator (DNO). This is supported by our vision to be an employer of choice, a respected and trusted corporate citizen, and to do so in a sustainable, cost-efficient way. Our vision is informed by the world we live in and the constant engagement we have with our stakeholders, which in turn informs and shapes our strategy for our next regulatory period (RIIO-ED2) and beyond. Our supply chain plays a critical role in helping us deliver our obligations and commitments to our customers. We have therefore created an e-Book to further engage with our entire supply chain, both prospective and incumbent. The purpose of this book is to provide an update on UK Power Networks and highlight areas of future challenge and turn them into opportunities for us all. UK Power Networks and its supply chain have a critical role at the heart of the future energy landscape, enabling the transition to the net zero carbon economy and enabling all our stakeholders to benefit from better safety, reliability and cost efficiencies as we innovate and invest to deliver a sustainable energy future for all. Our e-Book provides a platform to explain what RIIO-ED2 means for the supply chain in the future and provides a forum for you to help inform our business strategy.

Please take time to read our Supply Chain Engagement e-book and provide us with feedback on our Code of Conduct by answering a quick set of questions at the end.

If you have any questions please email us at

Here are some of the partners we work with:

Clancy Docwra Limited

Kier Construction Limited

Morrison Utility Services Limited

If you have any further queries relating to the pre-qualification process or working with UK Power Networks please contact us via the following email address:

UK Power Networks promotes Diversity and Inclusiveness across its supply chain and welcomes supplier relationships across the diverse nature of companies based in the UK and abroad. All suppliers need to be registered with Achilles in order to bid for work in our tender process.

Compliance with regulations 
As a utility operating in England, UK Power Networks must comply with the Utilities Contract Regulations 2016 which implement Directive 2014/25. The Regulations are intended to facilitate greater competition by opening up markets and require UK Power Networks to competitively tender works, goods and services above certain thresholds. The key aspect of the Utilities Contract Regulations 2016 is that any purchase made by UK Power Networks with an aggregate value which exceeds a declared threshold must be subject to a competitive tendering process.

UK Power Networks Services is exempt from the Utilities Contract Regulations but is still required to comply with competition law and best practice outlined in the UK Power Networks’ Policies and Procedures.

We expect our suppliers to be able to work within the parameters set out in our Working with UK Power Networks document.

Pre-qualifications for suppliers
Pre-qualification ensures that suppliers of goods, works and services meet UK Power Networks’ required levels of health, safety, environment, quality, CDM capability, ethical, diversity and inclusiveness, commercial and financial stability standards.

All suppliers working for UK Power Networks must be registered with "Achilles" as a minimum standard of pre-qualification. RISQS is accepted in place of Achilles for suppliers working within the UK Power Networks’ Rail businesses.

Suppliers undertaking “High Risk” activities on behalf of UK Power Networks must comply with the UK Power Networks’ Pre-qualification and Approval Procedure before they are put to work. If you undertake high risk activities you must also undergo the Achilles Verify audit.

All procurement activities represent a degree of risk to UK Power Networks. Risk is categorised into three categories – High, Medium or Low – as shown below

N.B All suppliers undertaking High Risk activity must complete UK Power Networks pre-qualification procedure and have a contract in place before any work commences.

High Risk
Includes but is not limited to:

  • Potentially dangerous activities e.g. working at height, on an electrical network, working in confined spaces
  • Activities working ‘on or near the network’
  • Working on UK Power Networks’ Assets
  • Suppliers where a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) or Environmental risk is identified
  • Where UK Power Networks accounts for 50% or more a contractor’s turnover
  • Designers/project managers who are accessing the UK Power Networks electrical sites
  • Suppliers who install equipment and general contractors
  • Suppliers who has access to UK Power Networks critical IT infrastructure, systems or information

Medium Risk
Any supplier that does not have a Health & Safety Risk within its scope of work but still presents a commercial risk to UK Power Networks.

Low Risk
Any supplier undertaking activities that pose little or no risk commercially and do not pose any Health & Safety Risk to UK Power Networks.

If you have any further queries relating to the pre-qualification process or working with UK Power Networks please contact us via the following email address;-

We are happy to accept electronic submission of invoices to support efficiency of the payment process for suppliers.

For supplier names starting A to E or 0 to 9 please email invoices to mailbox
For supplier names starting F to N please email invoices to
For supplier names starting O to Z please email invoices to

We would ask that suppliers follow these simple rules to help us process the invoice: The attachment must be a PDF or Tiff document type. No other formats are valid.

  1. Each invoice must be on a separate attachment. There can be multiple pages within each invoice and include supporting documents if required but multiple invoices on one attachment will not work.
  2. More than one attachment per email is acceptable.
  3. Only invoices are to be attached. Any statements or follow-ups must be sent on a separate email.
  4. To avoid duplication no paper copies of invoices should be sent.

If you have any question please call us on 0330 041 6960

UK Power Networks is a strong advocate of undertaking business with responsible suppliers who recognise their onus to act in an ethical, inclusive and sustainable way, and exhibit due consideration for their employees, for local communities in which they operate, for the environment, and for society in general.

The attached document should be reviewed by incumbent and potential suppliers or partners to understand the approach we take to business ethics and to clarify the standards and behaviours we expect to be adopted by our supply chain. UK Power Networks expects its suppliers to go beyond minimum legal requirements and seek to continually improve and innovate. We will work to assist our supply chain to meet our expectations as far as possible.

Download our Working with UK Power Networks document