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A day in the life of a public safety and education advisor

Posted on 30 December 2014 03:28 PM by haddo1j

Working closely with the company’s director of health and safety, from my homeworking base in the Fens, I can end up traveling anywhere in the country.

I’m usually called upon to talk to businesses and community groups who may come into contact with electricity, power lines or electricity substations.

I spend a lot of time at colleges and schools telling the youngsters about the dangers of electrcity, for example with collecting a ball from an electricity substation or flying kites near overhead power lines.

Influencing behaviour
Each day I always try to influence people’s behaviour positively, whether they are a colleague, customers or someone in the local community.

The proactive side of my job is so important. I want to stop accidents from happening, but helping people is really about teaching and helping them help themselves.

When out and about, I take what I call a ‘tool box’ of health and safety ideas, a practical demonstration of how to avoid making mistakes. This can be for anyone who is working close to power lines or electricity infrastructure, such as a water company, crane contractor or a group of local farmers.

I've worked here for nearly 40 years...
After joining the company in 1977 as a general electrician, my qualifications include the NEBOSH diploma in health and safety.

Work and home life are closely intertwined, so much so that I sometimes use one of my collection of six vintage recovery lorries as a teaching and instructional aid when giving talks at the work-related shows and events.

People will always come across to see the truck and it’s a great way to show off health and safety. In dealing with an audience, I try to be as thorough as possible while making it an enjoyable experience.

Events are extremely important as they help us get our safety messages out there. Last week I was at The Emergency Services event in Birmingham and we’ve got a couple more events coming up soon too.

The Bruce Forsyth of health and safety!
I get called ‘the Bruce Forsyth of health and safety’, as I always try to put my point across with a sense of humour, which I certainly needed one day with Sir David Jason, star of Only Fools and Horses and many other shows.

We walked around his estate and we spoke about the dangers of helicopters around overhead power lines. I advised him that it was safer to underground all of the electricity cables – it was a real highlight of my working life. I helped Sir David Jason!


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