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Helping the most vulnerable in a power cut

Posted on 23 January 2014 05:23 PM by willi1a

Power cuts are rare but, in the digital age, I think they are more disruptive to our daily lives than ever before. 

I’d find it really irritating if I couldn’t charge my mobile phone, boil the kettle or use the internet but for some of our most vulnerable customers a blackout is very worrying or may even threaten their heath.

That’s why we want to hear from anyone who thinks they may need extra support from us in a power cut.

Top of our list
We keep a list of thousands of customers (called our Priority Services Register) who may need this extra support. These are customers who are elderly and frail, disabled, chronically ill (perhaps requiring home medical equipment) and even people with young babies. You can find out more about who can apply here.

We want to make people aware of the register and how to join.  That’s why we’re talking to charities and local councils to help spread the word.

The customers I speak to are grateful for our priority service. They know I can’t promise to get the power back more quickly, although I wish I could!  But it’s nice to be able to reassure them and let them know what we're doing to fix the problem and when the power will be back.

By joining the register you will:

• receive a priority telephone number (also on a handy glow-in-the-dark sticker) to call us in the event of a power cut
• get regular text message or phone updates to let you know when we hope to have your power back on

We have also got a partnership with the British Red Cross and if you agree we can ask them to visit your home and give extra help and support,

What our customers say
In a survey, 99% of customers said they liked the glowing sticker. By the way, most (49%) stick it on the fridge and 23% stick it on or near their phone!

Feedback on the priority service overall includes “great idea”, “very impressed”, “gives us peace of mind” and “it shows great care”. 

How do I join the Priority Service Register?
To apply you must live in London, the South East of England or the East of England (type in your postcode to check that you are). There are many ways to register, you can register by calling: 0800 169 9970 or you can simply apply online or you can complete the application form at the back of this booklet and email it to:

If our service doesn’t apply to you, please pause and think if a friend or relative could benefit and tell them about us. I’ve made sure my elderly neighbours know about this and I’ve told my nan and granddad too.

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