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How do we enable a smart future?

Posted on 8 September 2017 12:14 PM by alli01s

The future is fascinating.

With the projected increase in electric car use, battery storage and small-scale generation, this creates opportunities and challenges for everyone in the UK. And new applications of machine learning and artificial intelligence will create demands, and solutions, that it is impossible to fully understand today.

But one thing is clear. With the rise of smart homes, smart systems and smart meters, we need to be smart about how we deliver the energy system of the future.

So how can we ensure that we have the energy system we need to power this exciting future?  That is one of the questions we are asking as part of our Futuresmart consultation which runs until September 15 and we'd love to hear your views.

At an associated event taking place today, we will be hearing from stakeholders representing all sides of the energy landscape, from consumers to producers and everyone with a say in how the energy networks of the future should be developed.

We hope that all of these people can help UK Power Networks answer some of the fundamental questions we face as we transition to being a Distributed Systems Operator, in order to help us enable the future needs of energy consumers.

Nobody has all the answers about what the future will hold, and so collaboration in the sector is more important than ever. This event is part of our process for consulting on our future strategy. I would urge anyone reading this to have their say on how the energy systems of the future will operate, by visiting and answering our consultation questions, before the consultation closes on 15 September.

In the meantime, I’m really looking forward to a lively and informative discussion.


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