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How do I upgrade a main fuse?

Posted on 21 June 2016 01:15 PM by Edwar2M

This month’s query: How do I upgrade a main fuse?
Upgrading a main fuse is not something your electrician or supplier can do so you will need to make an application to us for this work.

Dependant on the location and age of your property a main fuse upgrade could be fairly simple taking as little as 20 minutes on site in a newer property or could end up being fairly complex resulting in us having to excavate the highway in an older property . Sometimes what looks like a small and easy job can turn into a complex and fairly costly exercise.

How much will it cost?
If the fuse can be swapped straight out for a larger fuse then at present it is a non-chargeable activity. However, if we need to excavate a hole, cut the cable and reinstate the fuse, costs could start at £1,100 plus VAT.

How long will it take?
It could take up to four weeks to arrange for the connection after the quotation has been accepted and paid.

How do I apply?
Simply complete our online form. You can then email or post it to us. Alternately if you phone us on 0845 234 0040 a form can then be posted out to you. 

My top tips:

1. Check with your electrician that the work is absolutely necessary. Often houses with a 60amp fuse will not need an upgrade based on the pattern (diversity) of power use. 

2. Plan ahead and get an early application in to us, as this is chargeable work and could run to thousands of pounds. An early heads up always helps with planning and budgeting.

3. Send us photographs of your installation. A wide angle shot and one of the main fuse will help us identify what needs to be done and speed up the process.


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