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I’m converting a house into flats, how many electricity supplies can I have on my existing electricity supply?

Posted on 7 November 2017 10:26 AM by Edwar2M

This month’s question:  How many electricity supplies can I have on my existing electric supply?
If you have a property with a single fuse then you may be able to have an additional fuse installed to provide a landlord’s lighting meter. If you have three fuses then you may be able to have a maximum of four meters (three flats and one landlord’s lighting ) connected. 

How much will it cost?
It is likely that the supply will need to be upgraded. We suggest downloading our application form which will give you an idea.

How long will it take?
On average our work at your property will start around 6-8 weeks after you’ve paid but this does depend on whether we need approval to work in the highway which can take significantly longer to obtain from the Highway Authority. 

Who can do the work?  Can I do it myself or use my own electrician?
It’s definitely not a D.I.Y job and it’s not safe to do yourself! We can do the work or you can explore the list of companies  that also offer this service by using the Lloyds Register website. 

How do I get the extra electricity meters? 
We will issue any new MPANs (Meter point administration numbers) to you. You will need to take this to your chosen electricity supplier to get the meters fitted, which they can often complete on the day we are there to complete the service upgrade.

How do I apply?
This is simple you just need to go online and complete our application form.

Our top tips:

1. View our upgrade page for more information

2. Make an early application.

3. Send us a photo of what is on site with your application, this can prove useful in planning work

4. Make sure you send us a plan, showing where you want things installed.

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