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Life as an apprentice at UK Power Networks

Posted on 14 March 2016 11:47 AM by evans1s

This week is National Apprenticeship Week so I wanted to give you an insight into my working life as an apprentice at UK Power Networks.

I work under supervision as an electrical fitter at Stansted Airport with the team that design, construct, commission and maintain private electrical infrastructure, keeping the lights on at a busy airport.

Working behind the scenes, you’ll usually never notice our work because problems are rare.

There’s no such thing as a typical day as an apprentice because you need to throw yourself into everything and it depends what’s happening and where you’re needed. If we’re carrying out maintenance I have the schedule a month in advance and know where I’m going to be that day, but if there has been a fault on some equipment they tell me as soon as I arrive at work and I’ll head out with a supervisor to repair it.

Keeping customers safe
I love the new challenges I face every day and I never ever stop learning something new. It’s a good feeling when power is restored on some electrical equipment which we’ve either repaired or maintained. We’re keeping customers safe because everyone needs electricity.

The best bit of the job is that every day is different. Even the guys who have done this job for over 20 years are learning, as new technologies are being brought out.

Loved every minute
The company offers a good career path and this was something very different and interesting compared to what I did before. Previously I was training to be in musical theatre, so singing, dancing and acting, which is definitely not as dirty and mucky, but I've loved every minute of my new role!
Being one of the only women in my team and training group, I would say to any woman that if they are considering this job to go for it. I've given 110% and proven women can do this job as well as men.

I do my formal training in Bury St Edmunds at a special training centre. It’s a challenging course and there are lots of tests so you’ve got to be determined and willing to work hard. I passed my level two City and Guilds in Electrical Engineering at Warwickshire College with flying colours and I’m aiming to sit my trade test later this year.

Positive attitude
My advice to anyone who wants to follow in my footsteps is to have a positive attitude, be willing to help others, take opportunities when they come along and make sure you stand out from the crowd for the right reasons.

The company is recruiting for 15 new apprentices at the moment so if you like the sound of what I do, make sure you visit our careers pages and get your application in before the closing date on May 15.

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