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Posted on 19 May 2017 01:52 PM by forbe1r

A moment’s loss of concentration can result in accidental contact with overhead power lines, which can lead to in serious injury or even death. Imagine the impact this would have on your family, friends and colleagues.

Before you go on to site, set up or start work, always Look Up, Look Out for overhead electricity wires.

Here are some simple guidelines you can follow to help keep everyone safe either working at and visiting site -

1. Identify the location of overhead power lines in the vicinity of the work and across entrances and exits, and include on your risk assessment.
2. Remember you don’t need to make contact with overhead power lines as electricity can jump gaps in certain conditions.
3. Know the height and reach of your vehicle.
4. Avoid distractions such as hand held devices and mobile phones when operating machinery or vehicles.
5. Use goal posts, barriers and warning signs to maintain safe clearances where needed.
6. Treat all overhead lines as live. Overhead power lines are more difficult to spot in dark or poorly lit conditions.
7. Never assume lines on wooden poles are telephone wires – wooden poles support most overhead electricity wires.
8. Always warn visiting drivers and co-workers of the presence of overhead power lines.
9. Avoid stacking and storing underneath power lines.
10. NEVER raise the bed of a tipper lorry underneath an overhead power line or drive under the line with the body of the vehicle raised. Drivers should unload elsewhere.

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