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Planned power cuts

Posted on 16 July 2014 09:43 AM by willi1a

We all rely on electricity - but rarely need to think about it.  You just flick a switch and it’s there. 

However, very occasionally we may need to switch off the power because we’re doing planned work on our electricity equipment.

This isn’t exactly popular with our customers so let me say sorry now and explain why we may need to do this and how you can prepare. 

No safe alternative
If we notify you about a planned cut, it’s because there is no safe alternative as we repair, replace or connect new electricity equipment. 

We’ll tell you in advance the times we expect the power to go off - unless it’s an emergency - and give you a telephone number to call for advice if you are worried.

If you are out-and-about you’ll probably spot us down a hole in your road, up-high on overhead electricity line or in a nearby electricity substation

Here are my top tips for being without power

1. Even without power, most modern fridges and freezers can stay cold for a surprisingly long time. Set your freezer to its coldest setting about 12 hours before the electricity goes off and avoid opening the door. Watch our video for more information.
2. Remember to back up work on your computer and turn it off before the planned power cut.
3. If you’re worried about alarms I suggest you contact the operator or manufacturer for further information.
4. Try not to use candles unless they are fixed in some way to a china or metal saucer. Please, never leave lit candles in unoccupied rooms. 
5. Remember that some cordless phones, once the batteries are dead, won’t work and some will not work at all without mains power.
6. If you are reliant on electricity for medical equipment let us know immediately and we’ll do all we can to help.  If you are already on our priority services register, we will be aware.  If not, we’ll add you. Take a look here for more information about this service.
7. Last but not least, turn off all the electrical equipment except for one light, so that you’ll know when the power has come back on.

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