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Latest round of Power Of Giving fund winners

Posted on 21 July 2014 12:34 PM by Carte1j

Since June 2013 we’ve been using our Power of Giving fund to give something back to the community.

The idea is to award grants totaling £300,000 a year to local groups that make a real difference in reducing fuel poverty, enhancing energy efficiency or promoting the low carbon economy.

Since then we've seen the scheme grow from 49 applications last year to over 140 applications this year!

Our latest round of winners are:

  • Royal Association for Deaf People - £9,867.90 towards an e-learning project to help deaf people with energy efficiency.
  • Royal Voluntary Service (Hertfordshire) - £9995 towards training 10 new volunteers to give practical advice to older people about energy efficiency.
  • Herts and Middlesex Wildlife Trust - £10,000 towards returning a rare wetland habitat to its former glory at Lemsford Springs in Hertfordshire.
  • Ipswich Disabled Advice Bureau - £7673.60 to help them train a specialist advisor to address fuel poverty.
  • The Suffolk Befriending Scheme - £10,000 to help provide a coaching and mentoring service to support people affected by fuel poverty.
  • Groundwork London - £10,000 towards an educational programme on environmental issues and energy efficiency in Wandsworth.
  • Arlington Association – £2,000 towards funding a community garden in north London.
  • Age UK, London - £9,800 towards 12 events across London promoting and advising on energy efficiency and addressing fuel poverty.
  • Home Energy Efficiency Training (London) - £10,000 towards a project which helps residents address fuel poverty with support measures such as advocacy, advice, training and practical work.
  • Black Arts Productions Theatre Ltd (London) - £9950 towards the production of a drama programme raising awareness around non-renewable energy sources, aimed at hard to reach communities.
  • Wandsworth Citizens Advice Bureau - £10,000 to help advisors develop expertise in energy efficiency and sources of support for people in fuel poverty.
  • East Potential (London) - £9995 towards a project to combat fuel poverty through peer support with a team of community environmental champions.
  • Lewisham Citizens Advice Bureau - £8690 to help stage a series of roadshows across Lewisham to help address fuel poverty and energy efficiency.
  • Bio Regional - £10,000 to help create a community garden in Wallington.
  • Groundwork South (Kent and Medway area) - £6615 for a project that will work with eight primary schools and the local community to raise awareness about energy issues.
  • Forward St Leonards Ltd - £9525 towards retro-fitting an art deco building in innovative ways to meet energy efficiency and climate change mitigation demands of the 21st Century.
  • Tunbridge Wells and District Citizens Advice Bureau - £7773 to create an advice ambassador role to promote energy advice to rural communities.
  • Sussex Wildlife Trust - £9950 for the energy efficient wildlife power garden.
  • Gazen Salts Nature Reserve - £10,000 to restore and create woodland, wetland and grassland in Kent.
  • Dartford Citizens Advice Bureau - £10,000 towards the EELS Project to provide energy switching advice to disabled members of the community.

So why do we do this?
After all there are many different ways that we could support good causes.

The reason for going down the grants approach, and enlisting outside groups like National Energy Action, British Red Cross and Natural England is because it helps to ensure that the most worthy groups get the most money.

After all if we are going to spend all this money we want to spend it on projects that really make a difference. It also allows us to get different perspectives from groups that are on the frontline of the hardships that many people face.

Of course not everyone can win, and having witnessed the panel at work I know how difficult a lot of these decisions were for them!

Hopefully this isn’t the first you have heard of our Power of Giving fund but if it is then don’t worry! The next stage of applications is open right now and will stay open until November. Find out more and apply.

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