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Spreading the word about our Smarter Network Storage

Posted on 20 May 2015 09:38 AM by Wilco1M

I was in Rome last week sharing the knowledge about our Smarter Network Storage project based at a site in Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire. UK Power Networks is in the unique position of trialling one of the largest battery projects in Europe and energy firms from around the world are keen to hear how the project is going.

So that’s why I was at the World Energy Storage Forum, along with hundreds of representatives from utilities, distribution network operators, project developers and regulators from across the globe.

The four-day conference covered a vast array of topics including residential and commercial energy storage, new technologies, renewable energy sources, competition laws and national and international regulatory  issues.

Sharing knowledge
As head of future networks, I explained why we chose Leighton Buzzard as the site for our storage facility, how the 6 MW/10 MWh battery supports the network both locally and nationally, and explained the commercial and regulatory issues surrounding the project.

While we’re not far into the two-year trial, the delegates at my presentation were keen to hear how the battery is operating: they wanted to know whether I think it could provide a long term solution to upgrading the network whilst at the same time helping to balance the national grid and, indeed, asking if they could visit the site.

Sharing what we know and learn from the Smarter Network Storage in Leighton Buzzard is a key objective for our project, but while I was at the conference I learned much which will be useful to us as the trial continues. Many countries and states, such as California, Italy and South Korea, are forging ahead with specific targets to install energy storage.

At the end of each day there was an opportunity to meet with delegates in a more informal setting to discuss the days’ topics over some pasta and a glass of Chianti.

Well, when in Rome …


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