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Volunteering at work pays safety dividend for kids

Posted on 10 August 2016 01:46 PM by Chris2g

I have just spent a day volunteering at Leyton College in east London and it was such a rewarding experience. I want to encourage colleagues to use these two days a year, we get to do community work. This was my first volunteering day with UK Power Networks and it was nice to contribute to the team in a different way.

Stay safe
Personally, it’s good to do something outside your everyday role, it makes you feel more engaged with the company and it’s a lot of fun. I always enjoy being with kids and being able to talk about electricity was a bonus, considering what my profession is! We spent the time discussing why and how to stay safe around electricity. At first, the kids didn’t know what to expect, but they were also engaged and curious to see what I was talking about. We discussed why playing near live cables is dangerous and what to look out for when they’re playing out and about.

Ghostly faces
We took the Ghost Box and they found its 3D projections really cool and the ghostly faces pretty creepy. It certainly made an impression. I was asked, do people really die or lose limbs because of electricity? I explained to them that electricity is a friend and not something to be afraid of, but that we should always be cautious and sometimes people are not cautious enough. I felt this made an impact upon and that they took it in to consideration, so I think it was really useful and good experience for them. Honestly, the day felt like a bit of an honour and I was even doing some marketing too, since not many people know who their DNO is.

Big personal benefits
Volunteering has big personal benefits; it’s an opportunity to do something different which is engaging and which makes me feel more engaged with the company. I would do definitely do it again and I actually asked to do it the next day, but they were fully booked. I really enjoyed it and to be honest, it’d be great if there were more than two volunteering days!

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