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Worthing’s new Business Connector - can I help you connect?

Posted on 28 July 2014 02:54 PM by Patri3V

I’ve just been appointed as Worthing’s new BITC Business Connector. I’ll be working in the town for the next year to understand local issues and help you connect to a resource that may be able to assist.

I’m UK Power Networks’ first employee to be seconded as part of a national scheme, backed by the Prime Minister and the Prince of Wales. I will use my skills, time and network of business people to make a tangible difference to the community.

It’s a big commitment by my employer as they will be paying my salary and pension while I put my skills to use in the community. It shows how prepared they are to be in the frontline in helping local businesses and communities to thrive.

It will be a complete contrast to my job as planning manager coordinating storm roles to reconnect electricity supplies. I’m a very driven employee and I intend to bring the same enthusiasm and commitment to my new challenge.

Connecting with community groups
There is a lot of leg work to be done in my first few weeks and I’m keen to connect with community groups, housing associations, foster homes, youth hostels and charities and local businesses.

I’m there to make the connections between the community and businesses which can deliver long-term benefits for both groups. It’s about building sustainable relationships. I’ll be promoting skills, employment, engagement, training and volunteering.

It feels a bit like that TV programme, the Secret Millionaire, because my job is to make a difference to communities that need me most… except I won’t have any money and I won’t be working undercover! I should stress the role is not about fundraising, it’s about connecting communities and businesses together for mutual benefit and contributing to the success of Worthing.

Got an idea?
During my year I’ll be out-and-about in the community. I hope to meet as many of you as possible. If you have an idea you want to discuss then please contact me:

You can also visit the BITC website for more information.

It’s a privilege to serve the Worthing community through this great initiative. I’ll update you on my progress and the projects I’ve worked on throughout the year.

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