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Graduate Blog - Golda

Posted on 7 December 2017 02:54 PM by mcnam1g

Working out the maze that is London was my biggest worry when starting my job as a project manager with UK Power Networks. Being fresh out of university and from a small town by the sea up north, I was determined to take on ‘the big smoke’ in a role that I had worked towards throughout my entire education.

My first month was a whirlwind; trying to remember the names of 17 other graduates, around 30 other colleagues and the complexity of the London Underground was all very overwhelming. Luckily my new found challenges resonated with the other graduates, and we shared the experiences while learning about each other’s roles in the business. The graduate recruitment team at UK Power Networks made the whole process of adjustment easy.

I was introduced to my job role as a Graduate Project Manager by suiting up into my fresh-out-the-bag overalls, hard hat and steel cap boots, and made my way down into an electricity cable tunnel underground in Battersea. Travelling through the tunnel underground London gave me feelings of wonder. Exploring hidden parts of the city fuelled my enthusiasm at the prospect of one day being able to manage projects like this, maintain reliable power supplies and to see the work I do have an impact on the electrical infrastructure in London.

As a project manager, my role is extremely diverse from day-to-day, varying from team briefings, to site visits to checking progress on electricity cable installations. I have received extensive training in order to fulfil my role as a competent project manager, and gain skills that I will be able to carry through my career.

There are many project managers within UK Power Networks, all with exciting projects to deliver. I have assisted on some of these projects, from the early stages of a development through to ensuring parts of the network are safe from flooding. Next year I will spend time on placement with other teams working on exciting jobs.

Learning all of these new skills and visiting so many different areas in London has been amazing. In less than three months I know places which friends who have lived in London for years have never heard of. I am able to confidently navigate around the city without the fear of taking the wrong tube or asking for directions. I have made friends at UK Power Networks that have made my first few months in London exciting and exceeded my expectations of the start of my career.

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