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Help us promote the Priority Service Register

Posted on 14 December 2017 10:24 AM by rober1k

Power cuts don’t happen very often these days, and it's our job to ensure it stays that way. But if there’s a power cut, have you ever wondered how vulnerable customers would cope?

We hold a list of vulnerable customers called a ‘Priority Services Register’ and for these customers we can provide extra support during a power cut.

How can you help?
We’d like to reach as many customers as possible in our community and want to work with third parties to help promote our Priority Services Register.

Can you:
•  Send a leaflet in a letter to residents or distribute leaflets to your community?
•  Display posters (electronic or printed) in your local buildings?
•  Include adverts or features in your magazines/ newsletters?
•  Add information on your website?
•  Work with us on social media?
•  Add a blog on your website?

Got a question?

We’ve produced a variety of promotional resources for web and print. You can download them using the links below.

If you’d like printed copies email:


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