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Customers with no gas in Ampthill, Maulden and Clophill

Posted on 16 November 2016 01:29 PM by rudli1m

See the latest update from National Grid about the Ampthill gas incident here.

To allow us to help National Grid Gas and manage the increased demand on the electricity network during the loss of gas supplies in your area we have taken several steps.
We are closely monitoring the extra demand on our network caused by the significant increase in the use of electric heaters and cooking appliances.
We would though appreciate your help to prevent overloading the cables, which could damage our electricity network and result in a lengthy interruption to power supplies.
Can you please: 
• Use the heaters sensibly and not heat rooms unnecessarily.
• Avoid using the electric heaters continuously – only boost the room temperature.
• Keep warm by staying in one room.
• Keep an eye on elderly or ill people who live nearby. If you have an electric cooker, try to make sure they have some hot food or drink.
In the event of a power cut please see latest information here or call us on freephone 105.
Thank you for your help and assistance to ensure we can maintain the electricity supply in your area.

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